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How to Take Care of a Diamond Ring

How to Take Care of a Diamond Ring

Whether you’re new to donning fine jewelry or have always only worn the best, getting used to wearing an engagement ring is a unique experience. Not only because it has extremely special significance, but also because it can be daunting sporting such an expensive piece of jewelry. After the initial excitement winds down, you may have a lot of questions - can I wear my ring while doing the dishes? Do I sleep with it on? What is the best way to clean it? Leave your questions to the experts (that's us!), and read our tips & tricks below on the best way to keep your rings in their best shape.

Caring for your ring

Even though diamonds hold a sparkle unlike any other, they can be magnets for dirt, dust, and grime. When handling your ring, avoid touching the center stone and hold it by the band to avoid getting dirt trapped under the setting. To keep it looking fresh, we recommended a deep cleaning every 2-3 weeks. You can take it to a jeweler for cleaning, or use the old fashion way of letting it sit in a small bowl of warm water and mild detergent for 10 minutes, then scrubbing gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Pat dry with a lint free cloth to avoid water stains. We also like to use our Gem Pens in between cleanings and before events.

Tough but not invincible

Although diamonds are notorious for being the strongest stones, they are not indestructible. They can be chipped or cracked regardless of their age. Avoid hitting your ring on hard surfaces and other jewelry.


When to take off a diamond ring

On or off?

Most people leave their rings on throughout the day but there are certain moments and activities that may cause wear and tear you can avoid. While some people take off their rings when washing their hands, we advise to never take your ring off in public as it can be easy to forget on the edge of a sink or it can slip down the drain. At home, make sure you leave a couple of small trays around the house in places you may take it off - like by the sink and on the bedside table. Leaving it on while you sleep is a choice based on personal comfort. If you keep your ring on while washing your hands, close or cover the drain. Avoid wearing your ring while using any harsh cleaners or chemicals. Leave your ring off and at home if you plan on doing any rigorous activities, specifically ones that involve your hands such as tennis, golf, moving, gardening, etc. We advise to never go swimming with your ring as water temperatures cause the size of your finger to fluctuate so it would be easy for a ring to slip off!

The right fit

The element of surprise in engagements is a crucial aspect to many, which makes getting the perfect fit a little difficult. It is normal to get your ring resized initially but we advise on that being the only time you adjust the size. Temperature changes, weight fluctuations, and traveling can affect the fit of your ring. If you know the change in fit is temporary, we recommend storing it away safely until you get back to your regular routine.

Insure to ensure

Regardless of how much you love your ring and care for it, accidents do happen. Your safest bet is to have your ring insured. We know how exciting it is and that you’ll want to wear the ring right away but it's better to be safe than sorry. Insurance will protect you against theft, loss or damage.


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