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The Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2019

The Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2019

From back-in-the-day to the-here-and-now, a diamond engagement ring  symbolizes a shared life together. While diamonds themselves never go out of style, precious metal and design preferences shift from one year to the next – here’s our roundup of the top ring designs popping up in popularity right now.

Go for the Yellow Gold

    Both classic and coveted, yellow gold has been used in art and jewelry for thousands of years. This timeless, yet of-the-moment metal gives off a stunning vintage vibe. Bonus, it’s the ‘it’ precious metal of the year (just take a cue from royal trendsetter Meghan Markle!) and is stunning in a classic solitaire silhouette.  

    Image of yellow gold ring from

    Style Tip: If you tend to wear delicate gold layers day in and out, a yellow gold ring will fit right into your everyday routine. 

    La Vie en Rose Gold

      This blushing precious metal has risen in popularity throughout various eras – particularly in the roaring 1920s – and its officially back by popular demand. We love how this sweet and subtle hue complements all skin tones, while pairing well with a mix of metals.

      Image of a rose gold ring

      Looking Ahead: And while rose gold is right on-trend, its romantic nature would make any diamond ring the perfect heirloom some day.

      You Had Us at Halo

        A halo design – or a circle of smaller pavé diamonds around the center-stone – adds a definite ‘wow’ (and vow) factor to any ring.

        Image of halo ring from

        The Pros: A long-lasting trend for a reason, not only does a halo make a stone appear larger (no complaints here), but it's a great way to add extra sparkle to your ring. 

        Stack It Up

          The fastest way to start living your best life? Embrace the ‘more is more’ mentality  – especially when it comes to stacking multiple diamond eternity bands together – another trend we see spark-ling a lot of interest these days. Some even prefer to rock only eternity bands vs. the more traditional engagement ring.

          Image of a eternity ring stack

          May We Suggest: Another great way to showcase your commitment to one another? Gifting (or even self gifting!) an eternity band or two – the perfect way to commemorate various occasions throughout the years – from an anniversary, to a birthday, to the birth of your first child (mazel!).

          Always Chic Shapes

          We’re excited to see more and more ‘fancy’ shapes take center-stage as modern couples go bold. From ovals, to pears, to cushion cuts (oh my!), a unique stone shows the world that you’re ahead of the style curve, while still elegant and timeless.

          Image of halo ring from

          We’re Here For You: Whatever diamond cut (or larger carat weight, for that matter!) you have your heart set on, reach out to our Diamond Concierge and we’ll take care of you.

          The Beauty of Lab-Grown Diamonds

              While identical down to the atom, lab-grown diamonds don’t have the negative ethical or environmental impact of mined stones – they're 100% conflict-free and graded on the same standards of the 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat).

              Image of a oval ring

              Peace of Mind: Here at, we’re proud to be ahead of the pack as the first luxury lab-grown diamond ring brand. Thanks to the ingenuity of (wo)man, you can share in the joy and excitement of your new ring with a clear conscience. Cheers to that!

              What's your favorite engagement ring trend of the year? Shoot us a message on social or via chat!


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