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How to Take Care of Your Diamond Ring

How to Take Care of Your Diamond Ring

Your engagement ring is the symbol of your shared life together – and it’s also likely the most expensive gem you own. While diamonds are nearly invincible, any engagement ring still has its share of kryptonite. Here are our top tips to help you keep your prized possession safe and looking its best.

Insure Your Ring (!)

One of the most important things you can do is sign up for a jewelry insurance plan to protect your ring from damage, loss or theft. If possible, you should do this as soon as you purchase the ring. Many choose to add a jewelry plan or extension to their existing homeowners, renters or property insurance plan.

If you don’t have this option, contact an independent provider like Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group. Be sure to have your Diamond Certificate and receipt on-hand when setting up the plan. For more information and questions to ask your provider, visit our site's insurance section.

To Wear or Not to Wear

In most cases, the safest place for your ring is on your finger, but there are a few places where you should think think twice before bringing the bling.

  • Working Out

    It could easily get banged or scratched when using cardio equipment or weights, or accidentally left behind in the locker room. Always err on the side of caution – if you're unable to leave your diamond safely at home, be careful not to put too much stress on the ring itself.
      • Gardening & Baking

        Your ring could get dirt, grime or even cake batter stuck in the setting, making for difficult cleaning. We recommend keeping it safe & sound off your finger when gardening or baking. Simply keep a ring dish in a safe spot in your kitchen or bedroom. 
        • Cleaning & Handwashing

          If washing dishes or cleaning in your home, many remove their ring (harsh soaps and chemicals could dull the finish), storing it safely in a ring dish. When washing your hands out of the house – keep the ring on. The #1 place people lose their rings are on sink ledges and in restaurant bathrooms.
          • Beachside Lounging

            Water could make your hand shrink (and your ring slip off), so use your best judgement when it comes to fun in the sun. Our rec? If you're wearing your ring to the beach, stay in a shady cabana.
            • Traveling:

              If you decide to travel with your ring and need to remove it for any reason, we recommend placing it in a ring box inside the hotel safe. Some prefer to leave their ring at home and travel with costume jewelry instead. 
              • Showering & Pampering:

                This comes down to personal preference. Showering won’t hurt the ring, but use caution that it doesn’t slip off while soaping up. We also recommend that you remove your ring when lathering on lotions or creams, as they can leave a residue and even discolor certain metals.

              Sparkle On

              A top tip to keeping your diamond sparkling all day and night? Cleaning your ring at least once a week with the Couple click-turn pen. Have a few extra minutes? Soak your ring in warm water with mild hand soap, then scrub gently with a soft toothbrush. Believe us, this DIY process works wonders to ensure your stone catches the light just right. We also recommend having your ring professionally cleaned by a trusted local jeweler once every 6-12 months.

              Don’t Rush to Resize

              If your hand changes size due to pregnancy (congrats!), altitude, weather, or other factors, don't run to have it resized – wait and see over a period of a couple of months, as finger size can change slightly from time to time.

              Note that salty foods and alcohol can also temporarily make the ring feel snug on your finger, so reassess a few days after a night out on the town.

              Safety in Solitude

              Since diamonds are the hardest mineral known to man, they can scratch other gemstones or even other diamonds if jostled around in the same jewelry pouch. When not wearing your ring, keep it in its own separate box or the Couple tray included with your purchase.

              Enjoy It!

              Most importantly, enjoy this special treasure you’ll keep forever. And if you catch yourself staring at your ring all day every day, we get you.

              If you have any questions, we’re always here! Simply send us an email at or start a live chat today.


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