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Diamonds 101 - What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Diamonds 101 - What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

First Things First...

Are lab-grown diamonds "real" diamonds?

Yes, 100%. Lab-grown diamonds (sometimes referred to as lab-created diamonds, man-made diamonds, cultivated diamonds or cultured diamonds) were officially decreed the same as earth-mined in a recent notice from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

In August 2018, the FTC formally eliminated the word "natural" from the definition of a diamond "because lab-created products that have the same optical, physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds are also diamonds."

Unlike diamond alternatives like cubic zirconia or Moissanite (which are precious gems but not diamonds), lab-grown diamonds are 100% identical to mined diamonds down to the atom. They are also graded on the same scale as mined diamonds, with the only difference being the original habitat. Just like an apple grown in an orchard is the same as an apple grown in a greenhouse, a lab-grown diamond is no different to one grown below ground. 

So How Does the Process Work?

When cultivating a lab-grown diamond, a sliver of a pre-existing diamond is introduced to an environment that replicates the earth’s core. Over a period of roughly three months, that sliver grows into a raw diamond mass, which is then masterfully cut and polished. Since each diamond is individually hand-cut, no two diamonds will ever be alike, or be completely perfect, which is what makes diamonds so precious and rare. 

After the raw lab-grown diamonds are harvested, cut and polished, they are graded and certified by the International Gemologist Institute (IGI), held to the same exact standards as earth-mined diamonds. This inspection determines the Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity of the diamond. A common misconception is that all lab-grown diamonds are near-flawless: this is not true, they are as variably graded as those extracted from the earth. 

The Future is Now

The revolution in lab-grown diamond technology is changing the industry for the better. The end result = socially responsible, sustainably made, lab-grown diamonds that you can feel good about wearing as a symbol of your love. These advancements mean that there’s no need to dig a destructive mine, with significant environmental and social impact, to find a diamond that you and your partner will love. 

At Couple, we streamline the process of finding the perfect clean, ethically sourced stone for you by offering one quality of diamond that meets the luxury standard for Cut, Color and Clarity, as well as a curated assortment of timeless designs. A Couple ring guarantees the perfect combination of brilliance, value and peace of mind.


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