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Design Leader Typewolf Names ‘Site of the Day’

Design Leader Typewolf Names ‘Site of the Day’

We’ve been getting a lot of great press lately and we couldn’t be happier. Most of it has been related to our ethical, lab-grown diamonds and our ring designs, however this mention is just as exciting... Typewolf has chosen as their site of the day for November 7th. A mention we don’t take lightly.



If you haven’t heard of Typewolf yet, let us introduce you to an amazing online design and typography resource. Created by super-talented designer Jeremiah Shoaf in 2013, Typewolf started as a side project curating the best typefaces from brands and individuals found on the web. What began as ‘a great recognition for anyone with stellar type’ has turned into a daily design resource for art directors and designers all over the world. With 800 featured font pages (and counting) and over 1,000,000 page views every month, it’s safe to say this curated list has a lot of street cred, and we’re thrilled to be featured. Thanks to Typewolf for the mention and to our best-in-the-business design team at Gin Lane for their always-impressive work.




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