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A Celebration of Art and Crystals: Couple at AGO Massive

A Celebration of Art and Crystals: Couple at AGO Massive

On April 11th the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto hosted its largest annual fundraiser, AGO MassiveInspired by the simplicity, elegance, and beauty of diamonds, our Concierge Service designed three diamond rings and diamond studs for three prominent advocates of art and the AGO. AGO Massive co-chair and Fine Art Consultant Deanne Moser, Breakfast Television correspondent and founder of The Sad Collective Meghan Yuri Young, and actress and model Tara Elizabeth.

This past Saturday, we invited them to enjoy some champagne, hear more about the Couple brand, and unbox their diamonds for the evening.

Meghan Yuri Young Couple Lab Grown Diamonds

Meghan Yuri Young received a very special diamond, a 5-carat radiant cut diamond in a custom setting and 1.5-carat The Classic - Studs. The setting was designed to be as thin and elegant as possible while supporting the large stone. This diamond is one of the largest lab-grown diamonds in North America. For us, it represents the incredible technological advances in lab-grown diamonds and celebrates the future of ethical diamond jewelry.

5 Carat Lab Grown Diamond

Deanne’s box contained a stunning 3.2 carat oval diamond in a custom setting and a pair of 1.5-carat The Classic - Studs.

Deanne Moser Couple Lab Grown Diamonds
Deanne Moser Couple Lab Grown Diamonds AGO Massive 2019

Tara O’Brien recieved a beautiful 3-carat diamond in The Classic - Signature setting and 2-carat The Classic Studs.

Tara Elizabeth Couple Lab Grown Diamonds

Our lovely ladies snacked, sipped and chatted with the Couple team about where we all got started, what our plans for the future are, and of course what looks they had planned for the event.

Couple Lab Grown Diamonds AGO Massive 2019

If you would like to inquire about purchasing one of these items or something similar, please contact our Diamond Concierge.

 Meghan Yuri Young AGO Massive 2019

Deanne Moser AGO Massive 2019

The Crystal theme was inspired by the AGO’s anniversary token gift. “Often represented as a shimmering stone, beaming with endless light and colour, the true definition of crystal extends far past this one example. The crystal in all its forms will be brought to life through art, food, music and performance.” (AGO Massive, 2019)

Couple Lab Grown Diamond Ring

Deanne Moser Couple Lab Grown Diamonds
5 Carat Radiant Engagement Ring


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