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Choose Your Own (Proposal) Adventure

Choose Your Own (Proposal) Adventure

When deciding where and how to pop the question, think about which ‘proposal style’ best fits you and your better half. Here are a few ideas to help you get started in planning the big moment.


How Symbolic

When picking the perfect proposal spot, consider selecting a significant location that you both hold dear. Perhaps it’s that hip art gallery where you first locked eyes, that Korean barbeque restaurant where you had your first date (and spark), or the luxury chalet the two of you share in Lake Tahoe (congrats on that).

Once you settle on your ideal spot, don’t shy away from making the symbolism behind it a centerpiece in your proposal, with something like “When we first met at this rooftop café five years ago, I knew you were the one. Will you marry me?” Then break out the prosecco – you’re engaged!

Man proposing on a rooftop in New York City


What a Thrill

If getting engaged on top of a black diamond ski slope sparks excitement (not terror), then you and your partner are true adventurers. Consider proposing on a mountain peak at sunrise, on a sailboat with the wind in your hair, or even right before you jump out of a plane while skydiving – the sky’s truly the limit! You’ll take your already-elevated heart rates up a notch, while making an unforgettable memory.

Pro Tip: If you’d like to toast the top-of-the-mountain moment with champagne, bubble wrap works great for easy transport. 

Champagne in the snow on the top of a mountain

Looking for an added twist? Plan a post-thrill surprise – maybe you write “Zoey, I love you” in rose petals in the snow (swoon).


The Crowd Pleaser

This style isn’t for everyone, but for the confident few. Prepare for lots of planning, patience and key connections to pull it off. Imagine you’re at a huge concert or a Knicks game, and you’re called on stage to pop the question. Or maybe you’re at a popular restaurant and the band takes a break to honor the big moment, ending with everyone cheering. Are you wandering your favorite farmer's market, and you’ve given a heads-up to your go-to food stall to start playing your song? This approach is not just for the movies, and never loses its charm.

Man and woman acting affectionately outside


International Man of Mystery

In most cases, you’ve already been talking about taking this next step together. So you could drop a few hints like suggesting a fresh manicure, but don’t share the exact moment or location. 

A mystery trip is always a fun idea. Say something like, “Time to pack – we’re going away for the weekend. Make sure your nails are done and dress for cool weather.” 

 Viewing an international map while on a roadtrip

This may sound like a spoiler, but it’s still fun and surprising, as they don’t know exactly ‘when’ you’ll pop the question.


Home Sweet Home

For the homebodies out there, or those looking to keep your engagement cozy, why not cook a romantic dinner for two in the comfort of your own home, which is sometimes all you need for that once-in-a-lifetime moment. No reservation required. And if you’re helpless in the kitchen, catering is always an elegant option – especially if it involves caviar and cava.

A table for two at home with champagne

Pro Tip: For an extra sweet touch, tie the ring to the base of her champagne glass, then tell her to do the honors of filling up the glass!


Final Thoughts

When it comes to your own proposal style, think about what the other person would want. Maybe you’re confident and she’s shy, in which case you may want to skip the jumbotron. Also, make sure you cleverly hide the ring box (and keep it safe!) because there’s nothing more obvious than a giant square in the middle of your pocket (spoiler alert). If you’re nervous, there’s no harm in jotting down notes to keep you on track when you’re on a bended knee.

Lastly, remember that no matter which approach you choose, the two of you will cherish your unique moment forever. Just like diamonds, no two proposals are exactly the same!


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