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Earth-Mined Diamonds vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds

Earth-Mined Diamonds vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds

The More You Know

Looking to take that next step with your partner?  We're here to shed a little light on the real differences between earth-mined and lab-grown diamonds, helping you make an informed decision when purchasing the all-important engagement ring.

From how they're grown, to their selection and grading process, to their environmental and ethical effects, we break it down for you in our infographic below. 


How are they different? Earth-Mined Diamonds vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds -- How are they grown? EARTH-MINED DIAMONDS Deep within the earth’s core, graphite faces high amounts of heat and pressure, modifying it on the atomic level. This resulting shift in molecular composition creates a diamond. LAB-GROWN DIAMONDS Inside of a laboratory, a sliver of  raw diamond is subjected to similar conditions as the earth’s core. Carbon atoms are deposited onto that sliver, growing it into a larger diamond." -- "What are they made of? Earth-Mined and Lab-Grown Diamonds are atomically identical. MATERIAL: 100% pure crystallized carbon. HARDNESS: 10.00. SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 3.52. THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY: 2000 W/m/K. OPTICAL TRANSPARENCY: Deep ultraviolet to far infrared." --  Lab-grown diamonds and earth-mined diamonds  are atomically identical to one another, displaying  all of the same chemical and optical properties. -- How are they selected? Both lab-grown and earth-mined diamonds are harvested raw, imperfections and all.   Selected diamonds are cut into shapes and polished to be sent for grading. How are they graded? Every lab-grown and earth-mined diamond is graded  by a third-party institute based on a standard system of Cut, Carat, Color, and Clarity." -- "What's the environmental impact? PER ONE CARAT OF DIAMOND. Mineral Waste: 5,260 POUNDS earth-mined diamonds; 1.2 POUNDS lab-grown diamonds. Carbon Emissions: 57,000 GRAMS earth-mined diamonds; 0.028 GRAMS lab-grown diamonds. Water Used: 127 GALLONS earth-mined diamonds; 18 GALLONS lab-grown diamonds. Land Mined: 98 SQUARE FEET earth-mined diamonds; 0 SQUARE FEET, lab-grown diamonds."  -- What's the ethical impact? EARTH-MINED DIAMONDS: Civil conflict and human rights abuses plague the world’s diamond-rich countries. It can be almost impossible to ensure the ethical provenance of earth-mined diamonds. LAB-GROWN DIAMONDS: Grown by engineers in cutting-edge labs and according to the highest social standards, lab-grown diamonds eliminate the risk of acquiring a blood diamond."

At Couple, we're proud to offer a 100% conflict-free, sustainable alternative to an earth-mined diamond – a lab-grown, real diamond that's not only chemically and optically the same, but 30% larger by price. With our Couple Standard, we sell only one luxury-level diamond – Excellent Cut, G Color and VS2 Clarity – to optimize for value and quality. Ethically sourced, curated by our team of gemologists, and guaranteed to please. 

Have a question not answered here, or hoping to explore our collection with the help of our Diamond Concierge? Simply reach out to us by chat, email or phone – we're here for you every step of the way!


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